Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Anonymous said: My director told me (the AD) to let the ASM and the LT know that "Let's just have the actors block this performance as they feel they should." A few scenes later there was a spotlight on nothing. When I asked why, the spot operator just said "I felt I should"

Your reasoning is flawless and I don’t see why it could be perceived as problematic. Just following orders, chief. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Anonymous said: Last year, before they graduated, our Sound Manager was Jesus, our Construction Manager was Lucifer, and our ASM was Satan. The freshmen were often scared.

Soon they’ll learn better. 

That’s what the moral here is, right?

Working with the Stage Techs

  • Coworker: *gets tools to work on a project*
  • Me: *in my I'm a stage manager and I care about your safety voice* Be careful.
  • Coworker: *looks at me seriously* You're new, that's not how we do things here.
  • Other Coworker: *in cheerful voice* No we have fun!
  • Me: But safety....
  • Coworker: No, fun.

laurenlikesstuff said: For the Anon who asked about the panicky SM: Help your SM become organized. I've often found that being as organized and prepared as I can be makes it easier once something does go wrong. Start to figure out plans from the first rehearsal. Is there a prop that has been forgotten before? Can another actor bring it on? Costume malfunction? Know where the tape is. Having back ups is one of the easiest ways to prevent a problem.

More good advice

brettnexx said: This is in reply to the homicidal ASM: Seeing as anon has such strong feelings about this (saying they are feeling homicidal). My biggest advice is: This is school, this is to learn. Everyone has to learn at some point. Your SM is learning how to be a stage manager, he/she will make mistakes. Lots of mistakes. Professional SMs make mistakes all the time. This job is never the same from show to show. You are also obviously young enough to still be learning. Maybe you can take this time to (1/2)

learn something from this SM. Also, it’s theatre, we’re not curing diseases, nor are we saving lives. Theatre is meant to give someone a release from their every day lives. So calm down, realize you’re doing what you love, and do your own work, and don’t worry about what the SM is doing, but if you have time, offer them your assistance.

Some solid advice! 

Anonymous said: ...I was wondering if you or any of the crew (pun only slightly intended?) has advice for working with an SM who has never stage managed before and gets stressed/panics easily. As the ASM (I should probably add this is my first time ASMing at my school)...I'm worrying (and also beginning to feel slightly homicidal).

I’ve never had any experience with this myself, so I’m going to put it to the room - any ideas? My usual suggestion is “Breathe. You’ve got this.” But I’d bet there’s more constructive advice out there. 

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Impact drivers are the worst alarm clock. Overnight calls lead to some deep truths
Friday, October 17, 2014 Thursday, October 16, 2014

So…YOU’RE the swing, right?

Doing a children’s production of Peter Pan. Yesterday, one of our actresses sprained her ankle, so we had to re-stage all of our pirate dances. Captain hook was stabbed in the arm with a sword. 

But it gets worse.

TODAY ALONE (opening night):

Smee tripped over a wall and fell 5 feet onto a mat, breaking his real glasses and badly spraining his wrist.

Peter Pan face planted into the floor walking up some steps and bruised his shin.

One of our lost boys whacked her foot into the corner of the platform and needed ice.

Our pirate actress rolled her already sprained ankle stepping off a platform.

And Tigerlily, who is also our dance captain, tripped and sprained her knee coming offstage and was in crutches for the rest of the performance.

We have four more performances. Nobody has been injured for the entire rehearsal period/any of the runs up until the day before opening. I think we’re cursed. I know one of them said the M word. I just know it.

At the rate the cast is getting injured, the TD and I anticipate that Sunday’s final show will be a sit-and-sing.

Please send ace bandages.

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